Human Skin Keratinocytes, Neonatal (HEKn)

Human Skin Keratinocytes, Neonatal (HEKn)
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Species: Human
Catalog Number: PCSKH02
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Species: Human, Single Donor Catalog Number: PCSKH02
Cell Number: ~1x106 Storage/Shipping: Dry Ice


HEKn are human epidermal keratinocytes isolated from neonatal foreskin. These cells are highly proliferative and can be maintained for at least 20-30 doublings in complete culture medium. Each vial of this product contains ~1 x 106 viable cells that have been cryopreserved at the end of the primary culture stage. Upon proper induction, these cells can form well-differentiated full thickness human skin on 3D scaffolds. They are your ideal choice for studying in vitro keratinocyte differentiation and skin formation.

PrimCells, LLC also offers full contract service for in vitro 3D skin formation assay, which has superior well-to-well and batch-to-batch consistency than our competitors. Please contact: for further inquiries.

Figure 1 | Representative Image of Human Neonatal Skin Keratinocytes

Figure 2 | HEKn can differentiate into full thickness human skin in 3D scaffold


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