PrimCells, LLC offers a serial of custom services and promptly deliver the results in a timely manner. You will receive weekly update about the progress from our scientists and have a full control on your project deliverables. We work hard to make sure:

(1) The experiments are done in highest quality standards, your satisfaction guaranteed!

(2) Direct communications between lab scientists and our customer to ensure efficienti execution and delivering.

Custom Stable Cell Line Creation

Beside our expanding portfolio of stable cell lines, PrimCells,LLC offers customerized inducible stable cell line creation using cells of your interests. All of the customerized cells are rigorously test for Doxycycline inducible transgene expression before shipping to our end users.

Custom Primary Cell Isolation and Cell Based Assays
Besides the regular frozen stocks of primary cells, PrimCells,LLC also offers customerized isolation of high quality primary cells. All the isolated cells are guaranteed contamination free and routinely tested for positive control protein markers to confirm the purity. We also offer custom services using these cells for many cell based assays, including in vitro compound toxiciity test, efficacy tests and 3D differentiation (Skin, Airway and other epithelial tissues). Please email: for inquiries.
Custom Protein Production Service
PrimCells,LLC provides services to express and purify tagged recombinant proteins in a mammalian system at a low cost! This system ensures expressed proteins of interest with appropriate posttranslational modifications and with extremely high success rate to preserve their bio-activities/functions. Proteins produced and purified in our system are especially suitable for a variety of in-vitro assays, such as in-vitro binding assay, in-vitro transcription assay, in-vitro kinase assay, and in-vitro ubiquitination assay.
We guarantee high purity for all the proteins produced in our mammalian system! We can start the protein expression project from anywhere you wish. It can be from de novo gene synthesis, or from customer provided plasmids, and we will deliver your desired proteins in a timely and cost effective manner. Service Package Includes: Subcloning, Expression optimization & verification, and Purification.


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